The Cordless Triple Therapy Back Massager – A heated vibrating massage device paired with infrared and magnetic therapy to ease pain and stiffness in the lower back

The Cordless Triple Therapy Back Massager is not just perfect when it comes to easing pain and stiffness in your lower back but at the same time unique because it is equipped with infrared and magnetic therapy to help users get rid of their back ache problem.

This cordless heated vibrating massage uses effective dual-frequency motors designed to defeat thoroughly any lower back pain with gentle yet effective vibration, while its relaxing heat partnered with medical grade infrared lights are just perfect for lessening back aches.

Triple Therapy Back Massager

The Cordless Triple Therapy Back Massager

This triple therapy back massage device even includes an inflatable lumbar support designed to help lessen muscle strain.

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Triple Therapy Back Massager1

This Cordless Back Massager even features a magnetic therapy designed to help boosts the impact of a drug free and non invasive back pain relief every time and best of all, it has a cordless design so owners can use it almost anywhere they want, at home, at the office or while on the road.

You can buy the triple therapy back massager for only $159.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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