The Cordless Heated Throw – A heated throw with cordless design capable of providing 9 hours of warmth anytime anywhere

The Cordless Heated Throw is designed to provide travelers the perfect warmth even when they’re away from an electrical outlet, thanks to the heated throw’s cordless design, feeling chilly anytime or anywhere will not be a problem.

The Cordless Heated Throw

The Cordless Heated Throw

This cordless heated throw is perfect for almost any type of outdoor activities, at home doing something on the sofa or even at the nippy airplane cabins because unlike ordinary electric blankets, the cordless heated throw is soft and cozy, feeling comfortable anytime anywhere is now possible.

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The Cordless Heated Throw 1

If you are not satisfied with your old fashioned electric blanket because of its bulkiness then use this portable cordless heated throw, you’ll definitely love it simply because its thin and imperceptible wires and of course lightweight battery pack will not just let you stay comfy and warm but at the same time do whatever you want without worrying about thickness and bulky components.

This heated throw is designed to heat up quickly plus it even comes with a very easy to use controller where owner’s can select different temperature settings and best of all, will be comfortable and feeling warmth every time because its integrated rechargeable battery can provide up to 9 hours of heat from only an hour of charging using its included adapter.

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