The Complete Pilates Home Gym – provides a full body workout at home in only 20 minutes

You want a full body workout at home in just a matter or minutes? Use the Complete Pilates Home Gym, a uniquely designed chair capable of providing every owners the full body workout they need at home in just a matter of 20 minutes.

Thanks to the Pilates Chair’s spinning seat feature designed to target back and core muscles while its foot and hand pedals will allow every owner work on reciprocal movements of your feet and together with its resistance bands, getting that perfect tone on your arms, shoulders, glutes and even your legs is now possible at home.

Complete Pilates Home Gym

The Complete Pilates Home Gym

This complete home gym by Pilates has a seat that locks in 2 unique positions so owners can easily customize the exercises, it even allows them to adjust the spring-based resistance right on its included pedals to apply different levels of tension every time.

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Complete Pilates Home Gym1

This Home Gym is perfect for anyone with smaller workout spaces or even for those who wants to have their very on home gym that can provide total body workout of course without worrying about bulky weights and even those workout strains and best of all, it already comes with a soft padded seat partnered with strong steel frame construction to support users up to 250lbs.

You can buy the complete Pilates Home Gym for only $449.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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