The Compact Elliptical Total Body Trainer – provides the same low impact workout as a full-sized machine

Are you looking for a perfect trainer that is small yet powerful enough to exercise your entire body? Use the Compact Elliptical Total Body Trainer. (Available Here)

Unlike full-sized workout elliptical machines out there, this small and low profile model of elliptical trainer is perfect enough to get the same low impact workout yet fits easily under your desk.

Elliptical Total Body Trainer

Equipped with non-slip pedals partnered with hand pulleys, exercising even your arms and upper body at home is now possible and because it has 12 different tension levels, doing your preferred exercise routine whether intense or at leisurely pace will not be a Problem.

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Elliptical Total Body Trainer 2

The Compact Elliptical Total Body Trainer already includes an easy to read screen display where owners can easily see the stride counts, calories burnt and miles and best of all, it already comes with wheel stoppers for securing desk chairs every time you workout. Weighs only 27.5lbs.

You can buy this low-profile elliptical trainer for only $399.95 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.

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