The Compact Core Exerciser – Help Strengthen Core Muscles

The compact Core Exerciser [SOURCE] is designed to help strengthen core muscles simply by sitting on the exerciser. Without using any electricity and can be used almost anywhere, this compact trainer mimics the horse galloping to help stimulate and tone muscles, just sit back on its padded saddle, rest your feet right on its rubberized bar and start shifting the device backward to begin the exercise.

This compact core exerciser has a sturdy rotating saddle that can rotate to a moderate to fast rpm helping the rider engage in a lumbar muscles and abs exercise, glut and thighs strengthening to help the rider prevent back injuries while improving balance and posture.

The Compact Core Exerciser

The Compact Core Exerciser

The compact core exerciser is your perfect option for walking, situp exercise and burning out calories with just a matter of 10 minutes of exercise.

Because this core muscle exercise doesn’t use electricity and cable wires, you can perfectly setup anywhere you want anytime and can perfectly support rider up to 250lbs. Footrest and seat can be adjusted easily for comfortable workout anywhere anytime.

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