The Clinical Strength Infrared Therapy Lamp – Helps improve circulation, increase healing and provide relief from pain and tension

The Clinically Strength Infrared Therapy Lamp [SOURCE] is designed to help increase healing, improve circulation and provide relief from tension and pain all throughout the owner’s body.

This infrared therapy lamp is capable of emitting safe infrared energy designed to penetrate the skin and because it comes with a powerful lamp, treating thigh, torso and even back area is now possible and effective.

The Clinical Strength Infrared Therapy Lamp

The Clinical Strength Infrared Therapy Lamp

This therapeutic infrared lamp is generous when it comes to providing healing coverage just like a heating pad because it can reach high temperatures, yielding a more effective and more powerful treatment session every time.

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The Clinical Strength Infrared Therapy Lamp quickly heats and penetrates straight into the aching muscles, joints and even sinus cavities and because it tilts to 35 degrees angle, targeting tired and aching body parts is now easier and more effective than other handheld models out there.

Other unique feature includes auto-shutoff function and warning light for extra safety.

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