The Centripetal Force Strength Trainer – simultaneously target arms, wrist, shoulders, back, and core, while remaining gentle on the joints

The Centripetal Force Strength Trainer (currently taking orders here) is perfect when it comes to improving your arms, shoulder, wrist, back and even your core strength.

Thanks to this uniquely designed strength trainer, targeting simultaneously those body parts mentioned above while maintaining gentleness on the user’s joints is now possible at home.

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Centripetal Force Strength Trainer

Unlike ordinary hand-held trainers out there, this model is unique because it uses centripetal force used by most athletes to enjoy and create that optimal training resistance they need simply by moving the trainer side to side or up and down as compared to bulky weights that are very awkward to hold.

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Centripetal Force Strength Trainer1

The Centripetal Force Strength Trainer is unique because besides its steering wheel shape, it also offers better control and support and best of all, it is faster and more intense when it comes to targeting arms, wrists, back, shoulder and core simultaneously. Weighs only 3 1/4lbs and only measures 12 inches in diameter.

You can buy this hand-held trainer that uses centripetal force for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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