The Cardio Workstation – A semi-recumbent exercise bicycle that enables user to work while enjoying low impact cardio workout

The Cardio Workstation [SOURCE] is an ultra-quiet magnetic resistance exercise bicycle that is very easy to use and comfortable because it provides the owner with a semi-recumbent cycling position partnered with adjustable desk so they can exercise and at the same time workout right at their very own home.

Whether you love to read or work on your laptop while doing some low-impact cardio workout, this exercise bicycle is your perfect answer, thanks to its low step-over height and adjustable desktop with integrated cup holder together with a flip-up support prop, fine tuning to your preferred exercise and working settings is now possible anytime.

The Cardio Workstation

The Cardio Workstation

Its dial-adjustable magnetic resistance partnered with comfortable hand grip, padded and adjustable saddle, seat grips and backrest will definitely provide the user not just comfort while working but at the same time provides an enjoyable cardio workout every time.

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The Cardio Workstation already includes a built-in LCD screen where user can easily read their speed, distance, time, calories and even heart rate and lastly, it folds and rolls nicely for easy storage.

Watch the semi-recumbent exercise bicycle in action [HERE].