The Bunion Concealing Slide Sandals – protects and hides bunions while providing all day comfort and support

The Bunion Concealing Slide Sandals (available here) are your perfect answer if you want to provide your feet with the perfect support it needs all day long.

Thanks to these uniquely designed slide sandals, now you can protect and even hide your bunion problem because these sandals already come with a uniquely designed quarter for hiding and protecting bunions.

Bunion Concealing Slide Sandals

These sandals are equipped with biomechanical footbeds to provide the wearer the perfect shape it needs for your feet, perfect for preventing pain and also improving one’s walking anytime anywhere.

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Bunion Concealing Slide Sandals1

The Bunion Concealing Slide Sandals even features an insole with leather lining partnered with uppers made of flexible leather and best of all, it has a durable outsole with good cushioning system and slip resistant pattern.

You can buy the slide sandals for concealing bunions for only $119.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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