The Body Toning Exercise Blade – Help contracts muscles quickly to provide full body workout at home

The Body Toning Exercise Blade —[SOURCE]— is designed to help the user get a perfect full body workout at home simply by quickly contracting the user’s different muscle groups just like those performance training and even those fitness exercises you’ve been doing on your favorite workout gym.

Thanks to this unique exercise blade carefully designed by physical therapist, enjoying and even rehabilitating important muscles at home is now possible.

The Body Toning Exercise Blade

The Body Toning Exercise Blade

This exercise blade only needs minimal range of motion in order to tone and target almost any muscle group, simply push and pull to flex the blade back and forth to come up with an upper body workout including your triceps, biceps and more.

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The Body Toning Exercise Blade 1

The Body Toning Exercise Blade already includes an easy to follow DVD workout partnered with wall chart so you can start targeting even your lower body muscles like your glutes and quads. Weighs only 1.5lbs.

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