The Bluetooth Snore Reducer – With bone conduction and sound recognition technology to detect snoring

The Bluetooth Snore Reducer [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to detecting snoring and alerting the owner to change its sleeping position but at the same time effective because it uses sound recognition and bone conduction technology to help the user lessen snoring.

This in-ear bluetooth snoring device is very comfortable to use, thanks to its soft silicone construction system, fitting it over the user’s ear comfortably is now more comfy and of course effective.

The Bluetooth Snore Reducer

The Bluetooth Snore Reducer

This snore reducer device can be set to apply beeps or use its different vibration level function to alert the user to shift position in order to stop snoring.

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The Bluetooth Snore Reducer 1

The Bluetooth Snore Reducer can be paired easily to an iOS or Android devices using Bluetooth connectivity partnered with a free application where owners can easily store and record sleep data for later use and best of all, it provides up to 2 nights of power when fully charged using its included charging cable.

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