The Backrest Core Strengthening Chair – a stability ball seat that strengthens the back and core

The Backrest Core Strengthening Chair <<<[SOURCE]>>> is equipped with stability ball seat capable of strengthening the user’s back and core simply by fighting the damaging effects of long hour sitting at home or even at your office desk.

Thanks to the chair’s latex-free curve seat designed to help encourage the user to sit straight in order to correct posture and of course helping them alleviate strain and tension while at the same time supporting perfect spinal alignment and toning the user’s muscles.

The Backrest Core Strengthening Chair

Different from old and ordinary stability balls out there, this model is an innovative alternative specially if you are looking for chair that has adjustable padded backrest complete with sturdy legs for extra security and perfect comfort all throughout the day.

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The Backrest Core Strengthening Chair 1

The Backrest Core Strengthening Chair is capable of supporting users up to 176lbs. and is capable of fitting specially on most standard desks and best of all, it already includes a rolling and lockable caster wheels and manual air pump.

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