The All Night Warming Cooling Pillow Cover – with dual sided fabric technology that senses your body temperature

The All Night Warming Cooling Pillow Cover is not just perfect when it comes to cooling down or heating up one’s body temperature automatically but at the same time unique because it uses double sided fabric technology designed to help sense body temperature so it can respond appropriately without any problem.

Skillfully designed with ice silk fiber, the pillow’s cooling side will definitely provide the perfect comfort you need while the warming side on the other hand equipped with insulated cotton will complete the comfortable temperature you are looking for every time.

The Pillow Cover’s double sided fabric works hand in hand to make sure owners can relax all throughout the night without any problem.

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Warming Cooling Pillow Cover1

This pillow cover is also perfect for promoting not just relaxation but also deep sleep and best of all it only measures 20×26 inches and comes already in pack of 2.

You can buy the pillow cover with warming and cooling technology for only $69.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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