The All Day Heated Pain Relief Patches – adhere directly to the skin and provide deep, therapeutic warmth

The All Day Heated Pain Relief Patches are perfect when it comes to getting rid of the pain you are having simply by attaching it directly to a problematic skin just to get that deep therapeutic warmth.

Besides its easy to use function partnered with uniquely designed remote control, setting it and getting that 3 different heat levels of therapeutic warmth in order to help loosen those tired muscles, soothe joints, improve circulation and even that pain relief is now possible at home.

Heated Pain Relief Patches

These portable pain relief patches are perfect not just for back aches but also for use on neck, arms and legs, simply attach and secure the reusable 3×5 patches on the problematic body parts using its unique adhesive backing and you’re good to go.

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Heated Pain Relief Patches1

These heated pain relief patches can be used for up to 10x before allowing the owners to replace them and best of all, it can provide up to 8hrs of heat especially when fully charged using its included AC charger.

You can buy the portable pain relief patches for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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