The Advanced Pain Relieving Lumbar Stretcher – uses an adjustable air cushion, heat, and vibration to help alleviate lower back pain and stiffness

You want to get rid of your lower back pain and stiffness? Use the Advanced Pain Relieving Lumbar Stretcher. (available here)

A uniquely designed lumbar stretcher equipped with air cushion, vibration and heat designed to help sufferers alleviate the stiffness and lower back pain problem without taking any drugs.

Pain Relieving Lumbar Stretcher

The Advanced Pain Relieving Lumbar Stretcher

This advanced lumbar stretcher is unique because it inflates to your specified level of firmness perfect if you want to help yourself restore that healthy curvature of your spine and of course to help you maintain your disc space from the vertebrae.

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Pain Relieving Lumbar Stretcher1

This Advanced Lumbar Stretcher uses vibration massage designed to help knead away knots, it even comes with 3 different levels of heat just to help promote good circulation and best of all, you can use the stretcher even while lying down or better yet while sitting on your favorite chair with backrest enough to help lessen the strain when working and sitting long periods of time.

You can buy the lumbar stretcher for only $249.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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