The Advanced Foot Leg Stimulator – Uses TENS and EMS to help ease pain and improve muscle strength in the feet and legs

The Advanced Foot Leg Stimulator —[SOURCE]— is a health gadget that uses TENS and EMS in order to help the owner ease their pain problem specially in the feet and legs.

This device not just eases pain but at the same time helps improve muscle strength, thanks to its TENS therapy capable of providing drug-free pain relief simply by stimulating nerves and of course blocking pain signals to reach the brain.

The Advanced Foot Leg Stimulator

The Advanced Foot Leg Stimulator

The EMS on the other hand engages muscle contractions perfect in accelerating rehab and the strengthening process. Its included far infrared LEDs are designed to generate deep penetrating heat enough to stimulate blood circulation and of course helping hasten relieve swelling and problematic muscles.

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The Advanced Foot Leg Stimulator 1

The Advanced Foot Leg Stimulator has 8 Electrical Muscle Stimulation modes, 17 Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation modes and up to 99 different intensity levels where owners of the device can easily choose between using the different modes independently or simultaneously. Weighs only 4lbs.

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