The Adjustable Aquaweights – Tones muscle, burn calories and enable full-body water workouts

The Adjustable Aquaweights [SOURCE] is not just one of those ordinary dumbbells out there because this adjustable dumbbells are designed to harness water resistance in order to burn calories and of course tone muscles enabling full body workout while enjoying the water pool.

The Adjustable Aquaweights

The Adjustable Aquaweights

Whether you want to perform curls, shoulder raises or even chest flies, the adjustable aquaweights are just perfect, thanks to the included funnels and fins, providing perfect resistance as you workout will not be a problem, you can even add an additional fins and attached it to the dumbbells to provide greater body building muscles and strength.

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The Adjustable Aquaweights 1

The Aquaweights included caps holds the air inside the dumbbells and seal the funnel making sure they’re light yet tone’s leg perfectly while working out on the water surface running in place or even performing scissor kicks.

You want to perform some chest presses or even some front raises? No problem because the aquaweights can be easily attached to each other to perfectly form a barbell.

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