The 30 Second Electric Toothbrush – Cleans all your teeth’s surface simultaneously and automatically

You want to thoroughly clean your teeth but your toothbrush can’t handle it? Use the 30 Second Electric Toothbrush [SOURCE], an advanced electric toothbrush capable of cleaning all your teeth’s surfaces simultaneously and automatically.

The 30 Second Electric Toothbrush

The 30 Second Electric Toothbrush

The 30 Second Electric Toothbrush performs auto bass system, a brushing technique endorsed by US dental association for thoroughly clean all your teeth in just a matter of 30 seconds lessening the required brushing time of up to 75 percent.

The 30 Second Electric Toothbrush 1

This electric toothbrush works perfectly at any teeth surfaces, thanks to its uniquely designed heads partnered with a cool and nicely made bristles that moves around the gums removing bacteria plaque easily.

The 30 Second Electric Toothbrush even comes with a self-adjusting pivoting head while its bristles varying lengths allows you to easily clean hard to reach spaces.

This electric toothbrush already includes 2 rechargeable double-a battery that can provide of up to 60 uses if fully charged for 12 hours. Other included parts are tongue cleaner and additional brush heads.

Check the rest of the features [HERE] or visit [THIS PAGE] for other related information.

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