The 22 Exercises Foldaway Gym – a home resistance gym that provides a 22 exercise body sculpting workouts

You want to have your very own body sculpting gym at home capable of providing up to 22 different body workouts? Try this uniquely designed home resistance gym, an easy to use and space saving 22 exercises gym designed to help you workout effectively yet you never have to worry about workout space because this model folds easily for easy storage.

Perfect for arm, chest and shoulder workout, this home resistance gym is unique because it uses elastic bands to help the owner on their chest, arms and shoulders exercises, it even comes with a swiveling seat so owners can work on their abdominal and oblique without any problem.

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22 Exercises Foldaway Gym

22 Exercises Foldaway Gym

Its pliable back support partnered with integrated resistance function is perfect for targeting core and back workout while the included foam rollers will provide a perfect back massage every time you move.

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22 Exercises Foldaway Gym 1

This 22 exercises home resistance gym is capable of supporting workout fanatics up to 275lbs. yet only measures at 35x20x37 inches when open and 18.5×11.5×12.5 inches when folded. Weighs only 23lbs.

You can buy the 22 exercises home resistance gym for only $169.95 complete with lifetime guarantee.

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