Heated Foot Massager Ottoman – help revitalize tired feet

This is the Heated Foot Massager Ottoman —[SOURCE]— designed to help you revitalize your tired feet, thanks to the ottoman’s hidden massager, now you can take back a happy feet back to work again.

The ottoman has a lid that can be remove to bring out a pair of unique footwells designed to give a relaxing massages at the side, sole and heels of your feet complete with vibration, rollers and compression.

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Heated Foot Massager Ottoman

The foot massager even includes an infrared heating system to help you get rid of your tired muscles and improve circulation.

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This Foot Massager Ottoman can be position anywhere you want, in front of your favorite chair for that convenient use every time and best of all, it can be hide easily specially when you are done using it and best of all, it has a feature where you can use the heat and massage independently. Weighs only 17lbs.

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