Double Core Pillow Firm X-Firm Support – Helps Relieve Headache, Stiff Neck and Snoring Problem

Stiff neck problem? Not anymore with Double Core Pillow Firm X-Firm Support designed specifically to help you ease your headache and stiff neck pain simply by gradually restoring your spine back to its usual curve.

Double Core Pillow Firm X-Firm Support

Double Core Pillow Firm X-Firm Support

Double Core Pillow X-Firm Support features long lasting foam precisely cut in order to provide the user a perfect neck support anytime plus with its double pillow design adaptability, alleviating pressures from joint and arthritis pain is now easy with double core pillow.

This Double Core Support Pillow also comes with pillow case and is made using only the best and high quality foam which is also perfect for stopping snoring problem. Simply select which one is best for you for proper supporting to enjoy good sleep every time.

-$51.87 at amazon

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