Ankle Stabilizer – The Perfect Foot and Ankle Support For Athletic Minded Person

This is the only Ankle Stabilizer that is made from a sturdy scratch resistant ballistic nylon in order to give the wearer the perfect ankle support just like a strict brace yet provides comfort even on long hours of athletic activities.

The Stabilizer fits nicely and comfortably even inside a shoes and because it uses original molded resin stabilizers, you can be sure that you are protected all day round with those common foot and ankle sprain problem.

Ankle Stabilizer

Ankle Stabilizer

Other features include a laminated foam, a breathable and moisture wicking tongue just perfect for that all day all night comfort.

Be protected with mid-tarsal and sub-talar joint problem; use the Ankle Stabilizer to keep your feet and ankle happy and comfortable all day.

-$29.95 at hammacher

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