The Traveler’s Sleep Improving Wedge Pillow – A portable wedge pillow that helps provide relief from heartburn, sinus congestion, and snoring

The Traveler’s Sleep Improving Wedge Pillow is perfect for relieving heartburn, snoring, sinus congestion and more and is designed for frequent traveler who wants to have comfort every time they sleep or even take a little rest.

The Travelers Sleep Improving Wedge Pillow

The Traveler’s Sleep Improving Wedge Pillow

This sleep improving wedge pillow is also designed to help avoid acid reflux and digestive problems, thanks to the wedge pillow’s unique sloped design, draining away sinus passages and of course ease snoring problem.

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The Traveler's Sleep Improving Wedge Pillow 1

The traveler’s wedge pillow is perfect if you want to have a healthier night sleep, thanks to its medical-grade memory foam partnered with compact design that folds easily to allow owners to store right on its included carry-on with easily.

The Traveler's Sleep Improving Wedge Pillow 2

This wedge pillow even features an anti-microbial cover that is made with soft and smooth blend of bamboo and rayon with plush micro suede on both side.

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