Mind Fold Relaxation Mask – The Uniquely Designed Comfortable Mind Relaxation and Sleeping Mask

Mind Fold Relaxation MaskMind Fold Relaxation Mask is a uniquely designed relaxation or sleeping mask comfortably made in order to give you total darkness without affecting eye lashes, smudging eye makeup and best of all, it protects your eyes from glaring light because the device conforms nicely to your face.

The Mind Fold Relaxation Mask uses a unique foam pad that allows air to circulate properly, you can even open your eyes while the mask is on because it has a nice eye cutouts and eye cavities so it does not rub against the relaxation mask.

So the next time you want to block the light totally and want to have a good relaxation and night sleep, don’t forget to put on this unique mind fold relaxation mask.

-$12.20 at Amazon