Bucky Baxter Lumbar Support Pillow – The Best Quality Lumbar Support Pillow

Bucky Baxter Lumbar Support PillowCalm stressed muscle with Bucky Baxter Lumbar Support Pillow. This unique pillow adjust nicely so even while you are working at your office, driving in your car or anywhere you are, you can be sure that this pillow will hit the spot easily giving your back the perfect support you are looking for.

Bucky Baxter Lumbar Support Pillow features the best quality buckwheat hull filling; it also comes with a well suited webbing handle for that painless placement. The lumbar support pillow cover is machine washable and weighs at only 16oz.

Stop worrying about aching muscles, use Bucky Baxter Lumbar Support Pillow and start enjoying life back again.

Price: $24.95 at amazon


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